Start your hygiene management with vacompact.
Waste-packaging for medical, ship and kitchen waste.

Vacompact is providing a multifunctional alternative for conventional packaging with trash compactors.
The waste is vacuumed, disinfected, sealed and packaged odourless in only one single process.

After just two minutes the garbage volume is reduced up to 50%.

Benefits at a glance

  • Odourless and antibacterial waste compaction.
  • Waste volume reduction up to 50 percent.
  • Hygienic disinfection in airtight trash bags.
  • User-friendly operation in just two minutes.
  • Compact dishwasher-dimensions.
  • Safe waste storage in any available space.
  • Cost saving waste disposal if calculated by volume.
  • Energy saving with only 0,018 KW per 60 litres waste.
  • Easy installation via power connection.
  • Environment friendly waste treatment.
picture vacompact medical 60 litres

vacompact integrable frontloader
60 litres waste volume

Applications vacompact

Vacompact can be used wherever the volume of waste, odours or dangerous germs should be reduced.
The integrable frontloader vacompact 60 litres fits into almost any scope of the medical field. We devolped the customized slimmer frontloader vacompact 60 litres for the maritime sector as well gastronomy, catering and private kitchen units. The toploader vacompact 90 litres is suitable for larger amounts of waste and separate installation.

Cost Reduction

By minimizing the waste volume, disposal costs are decreasing (volume-cased calculation). Additionally you save waste transport-costs. Because garbage collection-frequency is lower and the garbage collection-intervals longer.

Protection of people, environment and nature.

Next to all economic factors the use of vacompact will contribute to protect our lives. The antibacterial and tear resistant packaging reduces the development and spread of bacteria, pathogens and the risk of infection.
Thus vacompact creates improved hygienic and sanitary conditions for all parties. In the medical field for patients, staff and visitors. In the maritime sector for on-board passengers and staff to the marine biology. And in the kitchen area from cook to consumer and environment.


Vacompact is vacuuming, disinfecting and reducing waste in one single process.

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