Vacompact ensures odourless, space saving and environment friendly packaging of maritime waste.

The wory free disposal of maritim waste includes its packaging, transport and disembarkment.
Depending on requirements, vacompact can be used for centralized waste collection or multiple waste stations.

Vacompact toploader complements large kitchens or storerooms. The smaller and integrated frontloader fits in any kitchen or bar counter. Food waste and leftovers can be collected odourless until disposal on land. Perfect also for trouble-free packaging of sanitary waste, dirty laundry, workwear, cleaning wastes or oil-stained rags.

Retrofitting & New Building

Vacompact offers a customized solution for later supplies in the maritime area. In general vacompact is suitable for many types of vessels.

  • With only 563 mm width the vacompact 60 litres device fits through narrow doorways.
  • The larger vacompact 90 litres should be integrated already into the building design.
  • Special designs on request.
  • Both devices are suitable for application on many types of vessels like sailing and motoryachts, SAR vessels and coastguards, Patrol and Naval ships

Cost-Saving Waste Storage

The airtight waste packaging by vacompact requires no interim storage in cold rooms.

  • The airtight and tear resistant trash bags can be stored in any storage or engine room
  • The storage is flexible in time and without evasion of odours.
  • Reduction of investment and energy costs for cooling chambers
  • The vacuuming and reducing of waste volume by up to 50% creates free space capacity
  • The cost of waste disposal on land decrease up to 50%, if calculated according to volume.

Comfort & Cleanliness

The odourless waste packaging vacompact stops disturbing side-effects of waste on board. Ranging from waste collection, storage and disposal ashore.

  • The atmosphere on board is no longer disturbed by waste odours.
  • During particularly warm climatic conditions the airtight packaging prevent leakage of unpleasant odors
  • No chance for germs or vermin, which develop often at higher temperatures.
  • The tearproof vacompact garbage bags prevent leakage of waste during transport or disembarking.

Environment Protection

The uncomplicated waste storage with vacompact also supports the responsible conservation of our nature

  • Vacompact supports compliance with the international MARPOL Convention
  • Reduction of the global discussed carpets of waste, such as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
  • Protection of marine ecosystems and marine biology because waste is not disposed of at sea, but on land.
  • Protection of human health, which is at the end of the food chain.


Vacompact is vacuuming, disinfecting and reducing waste in one single process.

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