The vacompact process ensures safe and antibacterial packaging of medical waste.

The professional disposal of medical waste includes its packaging, transport and processing.
This hygiene chain works only if the germ-free and airtight waste packaging is already secured at the place of origin. With the use of vacompact waste packaging system you fulfill these preventive claims and moreover take into account both - economic and legal aspects as well.

Hygiene Management

The stationary vacompact waste packaging-system is disinfecting, vacuuming and packing medical waste at the same time, in just two minutes.

  • Fast hygiene operation on individual stations.
  • Flexible installation alongside other devices.
  • Prevention of infections such as MRSA bacteria.
  • Reduction even of multiple resistant pathogens.
  • Decrease of fine dust particles and airborne bacteria.
  • Temporary storage of tear resistant garbage bags is odourless and flexible in time.

Cost Savings

Vacompact reduces the costs for the disposal of medical waste. The focus is on both quantitative and qualitative cost factors.

  • The volume of waste is reduced by vacuuming and compaction by up to 50%.
  • Expenses for provision or rental of waste containers are decreasing.
  • Reduced charges of transportation and disposal companies or services.
  • Optimization of work processes, personnel costs and administrative expenses.

Comfort & Quality

The airtight and tearproof vacompact garbage bags prevent the spread of unpleasant odors.
This improves the atmosphere in medical facilities.

  • Wellbeing and confidence of patients.
  • Recognition and sympathy of visitors.
  • Positive and pleasant work environment.
  • Quality and image enhancement in hospitals, clinics, care homes, medical offices, laboratories and veterinarian offices and clinics.

Standards & Compliance

The use of vacompact supports the fulfillment of country specific hygienic standards and demands of regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Care laws require the introduction of hygiene management.(eg German Heimgesetz)
  • Country-specific quality control checks the handling of incontinence waste.
  • Laws of life-cycle management or waste and employment consider risks of waste disposal.
  • Vacompact is compatible with the waste collector-systems of Clappy Hammerlit and Genius Novocal.


Vacompact is vacuuming, disinfecting and reducing waste in one single process.

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