Vacompact vacuums, disinfects and reduces waste
in a two-minutes process.

The vacompact waste packaging is based on the technically mature interaction of vakuum technology and disinfection. During vacuuming process, a disinfectant is injected in combination with an odour blocker
(Toploader 90 L).
The subsequent welding of the waste bag and flooding of the inner space at atmospheric pressure achieves
volume reduction of up to 50%. The airtight waste package is ready for odourless storage, transport or disposal
after just two minutes.

vacompact frontloader closed closed
vacompact frontloader open

Function principle - frontloader vacompact 60 litres

  1. The device is ready 30 seconds after switch-on.
  2. The insert carriage is pulled out and the empty waste bag is placed to two eyelets in the device chamber.
    The waste is collected successively in the device.
  3. Once the garbage bag is full and secured to two fastenings in the device chamber, the insert carriage is pushed in with light pressure.
  4. The vacuum process initiates once the start button on the display is pressed.
    The generated vacuum tightly closes the machine.
  5. The subsequent welding of the waste bag and flooding of the inner space at atmospheric pressure produces a power of approximately 8,000 kg ⁄ m².
  6. Once the vacuum process is completed after about two minutes, the insert carriage opens automatically.
  7. The waste bag can then be removed and has achieved a volume reduction of up to 50%.
  8. The airtight and odourless waste storage or disposal is flexible in time.
  9. Each time the insert carriage of vacompact frontloader 60 litres is closed, the waste bag is disinfected by
    UVC lamp.

Functions Toploader 90 L

Operation of toploader vacompact 90 litres differs by top filling and waste collection outside the unit (Waste collection-systems in medical facilities).

Secure Operation

All functions are controlled by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and touch screen. Vacompact fullfills all HACCP criteria and requirements!(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)


Specifications vacompact frontloader.

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