Distribution Cardio First Angel

The Vacompact GmbH is your contact for the distribution of Cardio First Angel in individual countries. Cardio First Angel – The life-safer after a cardiac arrest in the first most important 15 minutes until a doctor arrives!

The first minutes after a cardiac arrest are vital essential! Only an accurate cardiac massage can save the patient, secures his viability to the ambulances arrival and prevents long-term damages. But to give an effective cardiac massage is – especially for unexperienced first-aider – a big challenge. Where to place your hand, how hard and how often to push? The Cardio First Angel eliminates exactly these insecurities. Every laymen can give an efficient cardiac massage – everytime...

World's first – PCT worldwide (Patent Cooperation Treaty)

With its small pack size and a weight of only 130 gram the Cardio First Angel fits in every bag and is at hand immediately in case of an emergency. It secures the patient-centred care in the first and most important minutes. Purely mechanically it provides the required pressure, the most effective frequency of compressions and the right position for a cardiac massage. Further information: www.cardiofirstangel.com